Our Investments & Projects :


Local Investments:

The company has many investments in the real estate market in Palestine. It has the ownership titles for many land parcels that is worth millions of USD. All these parcels of land are located in the best commercial spots in the holy city of Bethlehem.

The main work of the company is in the construction field. The company is specialized in building housing and commercial buildings.

Among the other Investments, the company import used cars from Europe and resells them through its cars exhibit which is located in Bethlehem.

In addition to that, AL RAWABI is a 50% partner in Verona for Marble and Industrial Investments that is located in Jenin City.

Al Rawabi  is a founder in the newly organized company " Multidisciplinary Industrial Co for real estate investments ltd. A new partnership between Palestinian private sector, Palestinian authority and French Government.

Beside the real estate and construction fields, Al Rawabi Is one third partner in Nawras for financial Investments Company. Nawras Company is a licensed brokerage company that trades in local and regional stock markets.


International Investments:

United Arab Emirates:

Dubai: the company owns a share of 50% in TECHNO ARABIA SIGNS. The paid up capital is 10 Million AED ( = 3.3 Million USD). It is a Dubai based signs manufacturer of all types of signage products. Jobs on hand now are worth of 30 Million AED. Some of the projects: Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi international Airport, Government of Dubai.
Abu Dhabi:
The Company also owns a share of 17 % in Alfa Tow Company. It is a company specialized in piling and soil testing.



Cypal Global Investments Co LTD:

This company was established in the year 2006. the main objective was to invest in the real estate market. Al RAWABI owns a share of 70% of CYPAL. The investment until now exceeded 5 Million USD. Most of these investments were used in buying land. Developing houses and apartments were financed by banks.

Oikosyntheseis Construction & Developing:  

In the year 2009 Al RAWABI bought a share of 75% of Oikosyntheseis. This company is specialized in constructing Timber frame houses. The Asset base of this is company is around 9 Million Euros.


The owners of Al RAWABI entered into a joint venture with partners in Bulgaria. They bought a land and started constructing a 3 floors building in Sofia. The total area for the floors is around 1900 squared meters. Our share 50% is worth of 1.5 Million Euro.

The intention of the management is to expand the investments in Bulgaria since it is a very promising market.