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Al-Rawabi Trading and Investment Company was established in the year 1996 with the main goal to work in the construction and general contracting fields. This followed the work of its founders in this field since the year 1990 as sole entrepreneurs.

After Fourteen years since establishment, the company achieved good reputation in the field of construction and contracting work. With its management and working staff could be considered one of the most successful construction companies if not the first especially in the southern part of the country. Its yearly turnover reached the 100


Our Investments

The company has many investments in the real estate market in Palestine. It has the ownership titles for many land parcels that is worth millions of USD. All these parcels of land are located in the best commercial spots in the holy city of Bethlehem.

The main work of the company is in the construction field. The company is specialized in building housing and commercial buildings.

Among the other Investments, the company import used cars from Europe and resells them through its cars exhibit which is located in Bethlehem.


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United Arab Emirates:


Alfa Tow Company - Abu Dhabi


Cypal Global Investments Co LTD


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